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Jason Ablett, DC

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Tension headaches and migraines are among the top three most prevalent health conditions in the world. Migraines, in particular, are more common than asthma, epilepsy, and diabetes combined. Although headaches are common, you should not have to live with chronic head pain on a regular basis. As a leading evidence-based headache treatment provider, Jason Ablett, DC of Pinnacle Health Chiropractic can help. Dr. Ablett welcomes new Kirkland, Washington-area patients who suffer from frequent headaches or migraines. Use the convenient online booking feature to schedule an appointment, or call the office.

Headaches Q & A

How are migraines different than headaches?

“Headache” is a broad term that describes many types and causes of head pain. Migraines are one of those types of headaches. The majority of headaches about which patients complain are tension-type headaches. These headaches occur when you have irregular muscle contractions in your head, neck, or shoulders.

Migraine causes are not always clear, but experts theorize that a brain chemical imbalance or frequent inflamed blood vessels in your brain most commonly lead to migraines. Usually, a migraine is also different from a tension headache because it:

  • Affects one side of your head
  • Includes pounding or pulsating pain
  • Leaves you feeling nauseated
  • Causes visual disturbances (auras)

Are certain people more likely to get migraines?

Yes. Research shows that about 13% of adults in the United States suffer from migraines. Though migraines can impact anyone at any point in life, you have a higher chance of suffering from migraines if you:

  • Are female (three times more likely than men)
  • Are between the ages of 35 and 55
  • Are Caucasian
  • Have a family history of migraines

Migraines affect more than five million Americans each month. Because Dr. Ablett works closely with researchers and providers who study migraine attacks, he is highly skilled at getting to the root of your migraine cause, then finding the appropriate treatment.  

What causes headaches?

Though it isn’t always known exactly what causes your headaches, some of the most common triggers include:

  • Too much caffeine
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • A sedentary lifestyle
  • Stress or anxiety
  • Strong smells and odors
  • Bright lights

Some types of headaches, including migraines, stem from imbalances in your body. This is why it is important to get a thorough evaluation from Dr. Ablett, rather than ignoring your symptoms another day or treating yourself.

How does a doctor treat headaches?

Your custom headache treatment plan depends on the cause of your headaches. Dr. Ablett spends time finding out about the frequency and severity of your headaches to put together a plan for your needs. Typical headache treatments include:

  • Manual chiropractic adjustments
  • R
  • Trigger point injections
  • Relaxation techniques  
  • Nutritional counseling

Before your appointment, start writing down your headache symptoms. Each time you feel a headache coming on, write down:

  • The time of day
  • How you feel
  • How long it lasts

Tracking patterns helps Dr. Ablett find the cause of your headaches so that he can customize a treatment plan for your needs.