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Having a trusted chiropractor with whom patients have a relationship is an important part of an overall wellness and health care plan. At Pinnacle Health Chiropractic in Kirkland, patients are under the expert care of Jason Ablett, DC. His Kirkland, Washington practice is conveniently located near the cities of Seattle, Redmond, and Bellevue, Washington.

Dr. Ablett earned his doctor of chiropractic from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, which is one of the top four science-based chiropractic programs in the United States. After graduating chiropractic school, Dr. Ablett worked alongside one of Beverly Hills, California’s leading orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Michael Roback. Together, they helped patients with disability evaluation and management. Dr. Ablett went on to work with a top Pasadena-based orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Philip Sobol, with whom he was responsible for treating pre-operative and post-operative patients.

Although Dr. Ablett is an established expert in all types of pain relief and modern treatments, his specialty is myofascial injuries. Using the latest myofascial release methods, Dr. Ablett has helped numerous patients who have long-term muscle pain. Dr. Ablett has extensive training in offering treatments such as joint mobilization, active release, traction, functional rehabilitation, and more. The practice of Pinnacle Health Chiropractic is currently accepting new patients who are suffering from an injury, widespread pain, arthritis, or other type of pain-causing health issue.


I am a retired spine physician with 30 years of clinical care experience. My practice had a strong academic foundation and I became well published in both clinical and basic science spine research. I was a consummate teacher on the local, national and international stage largely through various university and medical society appointments. I was a strong advocate and expert advisor for patient access to safe, compassionate, effective and ethical care at both the state and national level. I served as a consultant to multiple national and regional insurance carriers and helped produce both treatment and coverage guidelines through these efforts. I participated in the genesis of novel treatment methods and devices and helped with the validation of such. With the above, I have received multiple research and clinical awards from several medical societies for my accomplishments. I state the above to establish that I have a basis for being a very informed and critical consumer of spine related health care.

I carefully scrutinize potential providers to trust with my own body. I searched for a chiropractor that I felt comfortable could treat me effectively, safely and was a good human at the minimum. I cross referenced multiple medical sources looking for a recommendation. It took me years to find that provider (Dr. J). He was helped me through so many issues in ways that traditional medicine failed and he has done so with finesse and expediency.

My ultimate wish list for a provider includes authenticity, intelligence, experience, ethical behavior, compassionate, informed, rationale, skillful, humble, safe, a team player, evidence based and driven by best patient care not financial gain. It is near impossible to find a health care provider with even a majority of these traits. I am blessed to not only have found a chiropractor that possesses all the attributes in my provider wish list, but I have gained a wonderful new friend in the process. I continue to be impressed by Dr. J's clinical acumen and skill sets. I remain indebted to this wonderful chiropractor and man.

Paul Dreyfuss. MD

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Automobile Medical Payment Insurance and Attorney Liens Accepted

Dr. Ablett has treated thousands of car accident patients and has worked with numerous reputable Attorneys in the Kirkland area. Pinnacle Health Chiropractic treats back injuries, neck pain, whiplash, pinched nerves, sciatica, sports injuries, worker’s comp and all other back, neck and spinal related conditions. We make sure all our new patients feel welcome, safe, and taken care of. We accept Automobile medical payment insurance and Attorney liens.

We're fluent in English and French. We also serve Spanish speaking patients.

We're fluent in English and French. We also serve Spanish speaking patients.


Treatment Certifications

Migraine Treatment

Graston Technique Training

Muscle and Fascia Release Treatment

Don’t Ignore These Signs of Whiplash After an Accident
Don’t Ignore These Signs of Whiplash After an Accident

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Words from our patients

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    "Dr. J. is effective, friendly, and takes the time to get it right. It's great to have an expert I can trust helping me take care of my body."

    Joey P.
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    "Right now I feel like Dr. J has performed a minor miracle for me. And he has only treated me once so far! So grateful! Highly recommend!"

    Jackie B.
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    "I was limping due to extreme pain in my right knee for 18 months. I saw Dr. J only three times. If you have pain go see this guy and be amazed!"

    Charlotte Z.
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    "I highly recommend Dr Jason Ablett for pain treatment. Highly regarded in the community, good staff support, and a convenient location."

    Andrea H.
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    "Dr. J has almost completely eliminated my chronic and debilitating headaches, which I've been suffering from for the better part of my adult life."

    Chris J.
  • Yelp

    "Pinnacle Health Chiropractic and Dr. Ablett are amazing! After just a single adjustment, the pain subsided immediately."

    Phil M.
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    "Dr. Jason Ablett is amazing. He was able to completely fix the problem I was having with my ribs and back. It is 100% better."

    Darren C.
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    "Dr. J, not only is amazing in his overall knowledge of most health issues, he is passionate about healing everything about you - nutrition, muscles, nerves, body..."

    Terry J.
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    "As good as it gets! Dr. Ablett is a very talented chiropractor. Not only is he good at what he does. But he also has an obvious passion for helping people."

    Chris M.
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    "I have been impressed with the thoroughness of his examination and his desire for me to understand the treatment I am receiving. We highly recommend Dr. J!"

    Maureen K.
  • Yelp

    "Dr J. is an amazing doctor! He is personally invested in your health and has taken me from pain base care to maintenance and wellness care."

    Matthew N.
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    "The receptionist is warm, energetic and polite. Dr. Jason Albert is knowledgable, humorous, and amazing! I highly recommend this place for any chiropractic problems!"

    Michelle G.


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