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Jason Ablett, DC

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Dr. Jason Ablett always appreciates feedback from his valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 20 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Dr. Jason Ablett below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Luke B.
Submitted 03/05/20
Very positive experience with Dr Ablett! Not only did he help me deal with my immediate back pain, He was very uplifting, and gave me what I needed to prevent my persistent back problems from returning. Thanks a lot!
Jenna Joy F.
Submitted 02/26/20
Every time I come in for my annual check-up, I always receive the relief I need.
Bill S.
Submitted 01/13/20
Dr. Ablett has been fantastic at identifying source of lower back - ligaments - and working effectively to improve my lower right side and more importantly my lower left side. After lower back and SI joint fusions plus unsuccessful nerve treatments, it relieves me to find a better and effective way to treat my pain. Treatment continues but there has been significant improvement. I really appreciate his willingness to listen and devise treatment. He is definitely not your standard or stereotypical chiropractor. I highly recommend Dr. Ablett.
Jennifer L.
Submitted 11/21/19
Dr. Ablett is truly great! I was nervous as chiropractic care is new to me but he takes time to listen and explain the effects of his adjustments so I can understand. I’ve been very happy with my progress since starting to see him.
Breanna E.
Submitted 11/18/19
Knowledgeable and professional!
Nancy C.
Submitted 10/08/19
He fixed me right up! As always!
Kimberly W.
Submitted 08/07/19
Amazing as always! Not there to just physically help you out of pain but also to help your mental mind set and lifestyle to stay feeling great!
Patricia D.
Submitted 06/18/19
Feel better when did massage on my back and arms.
Jacqueline B.
Submitted 06/03/19
First visit and already improving! Would have awarded 5 stars, but need a couple of follow-ups. Professional, attentive, personable, and focused on treating the “whole-self.” So glad I made the call!
Patricia S.
Submitted 05/13/19
Dr. Ablett Knows his anatomy and is very good at honing in on the problem areas with evidence-based treatment.
Kimberly W.
Submitted 02/19/19
Super informative and amazing and helping diagnose and figure out solutions for pain!
Jill R.
Submitted 02/10/19
Dr. Ablett is very knowledgeable and precise. He is thorough and explains what he is doing as he works. So helpful and very personable! Would highly recommend Dr. Ablett!!
Maya T.
Submitted 01/30/19
I've been living with a chronic soreness, tightness and yes I might call it fairly constant pain. I was an athlete. I thought it was age and rough treatment catching up to me. But Dr. Ablett is a different kind of chiropractor. He tailors treatment to your specific needs. He essentially solved 3 of my problems in a single hour. I was getting once or twice weekly adjustments with traction, massage and tens muscle relaxing therapy. It seemed to me that every chiropractor was the same. They all know how to "manually adjust" and that's basically all they would do. Relief would last about a day and then I'd be looking forward to my next 1.5-2hr appointment for the next fix. Needless to say that while insurance covered most of it, it cost me a lot in time and money. Dr. Ablett is a miracle worker, he has many additional techniques and works hard to investigate the source of pain rather than just assume you'll be happy with an adjustment. I guess I had been in the past because I didn't know there was more available. He has a wonderful background, caring personality and an analytical mind that shows in his problem solving and treatment plans. He didn't try to upsell, and used every available moment for our best use of treatment time. I was skeptical because I'd never heard of these techniques before and, I was more sore for a day, but then I was as light as air. It was two weeks ago today and I'm just now thinking I might see what else he can do for me. I drove from Seattle to see him on the recommendation of my sister and I'll do it again. Do yourself a favor and go see Dr. Ablett.
Kathleen R.
Submitted 12/18/18
When I first visited Dr. J I was in so much pain I did not think anyone could help me. My pain is half of what it was and I'm so grateful for all the relief his work has given me. I'm not yet healed, but because of Dr.J I have hope that I will be.
Patricia K.
Submitted 11/04/18
Through the years I have been to a number of chiropractors, and Dr. Ablett has been the most caring, most knowledgeable, and has gotten great results. He was able to pinpoint exactly the source of my pain and put my mind at ease. He truly goes the extra mile to help his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Ablett. He's the BEST.
Lola S.
Submitted 10/12/18
Good staff
Andy D.
Submitted 10/04/18
Always professional and accommodating. Dr. Ablett and the team actually care about their patients.
Sarah K.
Submitted 06/06/18
He does it everytime, i’ll come in locked up and he uses his chiropractic magic to unlock me, so i can feel half human again!
A. H.
Submitted 10/11/17
Dr J does amazing work. I went through 3 years of physical therapy as a result of a minor car accident. I saw a very prominent sports therapy doctor, 3 different physical therapists, a massage therapist, a pilates-body guy, and an acupuncturist. I had MRI’s, x-trays, pain pills, and lists of core strengthening exercises. I was told that I would have to follow a strict regimen of exercises in order to avoid life time problems of pain in my low back, hip-glute area, and shoulder.I have a stack of medical reports and records that is about 6 inches tall.Dr J asked me what my goals were during our first visit. I had 3 goals; to stand and cook dinner for my family without pain; to sleep flat on my back without pain, and to eliminate the pain in my left hip-glute area.During the first week while I was making dinner I realized that I wasn’t in pain. By the time I sat for dinner with my family, I was still PAIN-FREE. The first week I was also sleeping flat on my back and it didn’t hurt. I didn’t have to make any adjustments in order to be comfortable.During the course of my treatment Dr J was able to solve my hip-glute pain. He made it go away. I was amazed. He has amazing positive energy and he truly wants to see his patients succeed. I recommend Dr Jason Ablett
Dixie D.
Submitted 10/11/17
THE BEST!!! The absolute very best. I was in four motor vehicle accidents in three years. I was rear-ended both straight on and at angles. I was thrown over a seat on a bus. My back and neck were a mess. One radiologist reading my CT myelogram said he was surprised I could walk. I was walking… but every step hurt, as did most of the other movements required to get through the day. I lost my job because I was no longer able to function sufficiently to complete the day-to- day requirements of the job. I broke teeth clenching my jaw against the pain. My life has changed since seeing Dr. J. I walk without pain. I can reach over my head. I can vacuum, load and empty the dryer and dishwasher without having spasms. I am catching up on all of the tasks that were left undone. I am now back to work. Besides helping me with the physical pain, Dr. J. understands the emotional ups and downs that go with being in chronic pain and is supportive when I have some “whine with my cheese”. The best decision I have made in a long time was to walk into his office and ask for help.