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About Kirkland

If you are in need of Chiropractor and Massage Therapist services in Kirkland, WA, Pinnacle Health Chiropractic is here to serve you. Our office provides a variety of services, including Auto Injuries, Degenerative Disc Disease, Back Pain, and Degenerative Disc Disease to our patients with care and expertise. Pinnacle Health Chiropractic has served many happy patients of the Kirkland community. We hope to see you in our office soon!


Kirkland is located in King County, near the cities of Inglewood-Finn Hill, WA and Kingsgate, WA. The city is home to a variety of schools, including Lake Washington Technical Academy, and colleges such as Cascadia Community College and University Of Washington-Bothell Campus. Patients of our practice can enjoy local attractions and activities in Kirkland such as Juanita Bay Park, Marina Park, and Juanita Beach Park. After your appointment, grab a bite to eat at one of Kirkland's many lively restaurants, including Cafe Juanita or Lynn's Bistro.


See What Our Patients Say About This Location:

I have continued to see Dr. J on an as needed basis during the last year or so. I have made great gains in mobility and pain. I moved to West Seattle a couple years ago, but make the trek to Kirkland because quite simply there isn't another Chiropractor that can treat me for my condition the way Dr. J has. I have a pretty complex injury in my Thoracic spine that had been difficult to navigate and treat. My injury is neuro but also muscular. Most chiropractors just do basic adjustments and send you on your way. I appreciate that Dr J  takes the time to better address my issues and give me more lasting results in doing so. He has worked with my back/spine doctor to better treat and address my condition. In doing so he has been able to create just the right recipe to tackle and better diagnose my condition.  He takes the time to fully understand what is contributing to the injury and tackle muscle guarding, fascia work, as well as the muscular, spinal work.   Sometimes he runs a bit over in time or is running late, but once you get familiar with his mentality and treatment as a whole you understand; the fact that he is helping people to more fully function with less pain, and isn't just about getting people in and out as quickly as he can. This isn't your typical chiropractor.. I honestly wish there were more chiropractors like him.  If you want a chiropractor that addresses your concerns and works with you to improve, Dr J is a great doctor to go to!

B. D

December 19, 2018


Dr. Ablett is awesome! He's by far the best chiropractor I've ever gone to. I had pain in the back of my shoulder and Dr. Ablett took the time to explain to me that it was a slipped rib. Then he did his magic and I was immediately feeling 100% better. I couldn't have asked for a better experience! His office is also very easy to find, located in central Kirkland right off the main road. Thank you so much!

Alexandru A

March 01, 2018


"I highly recommend Dr Jason Ablett for pain treatment. Highly regarded in the community, good staff support, and a convenient location."

Andrea H.

September 20, 2017


I learned about chiropractic care about 5 years ago. I saw Dr J for treatment and he successfully treated me for issues from a car crash that was 5 yrs earlier. Within 3 treatments he fixed 2 pain problems. Within 6 months he fixed the bigger issue. I had seen physical therapists before Dr J. They got me to 75% but the pain came back. I highly recommend Dr Jason Ablett for pain treatment. Highly regarded in the community, good staff support, and a convenient location off 405 in Kirkland/juanita. Cheers to you Dr J.

Andrea H

July 11, 2014


I have been using Dr. Jay's services and advice for the past few years. Started looking into the craft to see what it can do for my health and after with a few other doctors, I started working with Dr. Jay for my chiro needs. I have to say that he has a slightly more comprehensive approach to all-around health and well-being, than I was used to with previous doctors. I believe in the man and his practice and I don't mind taking the 2-and-a-half-hour trip from here in Vancouver, BC to go see him in Kirkland. I would highly recommend Dr. Jay to anyone who's looking to see a chiropractor (and even those who are not looking to see one) and I have confidence in his work. If you're cranky and constantly in pain, go see a chiro and see if it won't completely change your life.

Asa A

May 01, 2009