Nine Benefits of Chiropractic Care That You May Not Know About

In the following article, Dr. Jason Ablett of Pinnacle Health Chiropractic in Kirkland, Washington, reveals nine incredible benefits of chiropractic care.

The advances in modern medicine have been nothing short of amazing as medical professionals find new ways to tackle the incredibly complex system that is the human body. Many of these advances have been in the chiropractic field, where doctors are turning to safer approaches to healing that work with your body, rather than invading it.

At my practice, Pinnacle Health Chiropractic in Kirkland, Washington, I’ve helped patients suffering from chronic pain and diseases find relief without resorting to invasive techniques that often result in considerable collateral damage.

There are nine incredible benefits of chiropractic care that can help you lead a healthy and happy life. Chiropractic care:

1. Is the ultimate screensaver

Chiropractic helps with pain caused by too much screen time. While humans weren’t meant to stare at screens for hours on end, we find ourselves planted in front of devices for work and play. This sedentary lifestyle wreaks havoc on our spines, which are designed for movement. As a result, dislocations — or subluxations — in our joints form, which create tension or pain. Chiropractic care goes straight to the source of this discomfort by realigning your spine, freeing up your joints, and alleviating the tension in your surrounding tissue.

2. Goes with the flow

Our bodies are amazingly self-sufficient — when there’s an issue, we have built-in healing mechanisms that work double time to correct the problem. All too often, however, this healing flow is blocked, making it hard for our bodies to send in the necessary tools. We work to free up your body’s vast resources through precision musculoskeletal adjustments, paving the way for nature to take over and do what it does best — heal.

3. Provides an ounce of prevention

Preventive care is a key to maintaining good health. There’s no reason to wait until a problem crops up when I can provide preventive spinal adjustments and physical therapy that keep you one step ahead of your health. Your biomechanical system is always on the move, and ensuring that each component is working as it should helps prevent the cascading effect one small malfunction can have over your entire body.

4. Gives you peace of mind

At Pinnacle Health Chiropractic, I have witnessed the effect that good chiropractic care has on my patients’ mental health, specifically anxiety and stress. Spinal adjustments, especially along your cervical spine, trigger parasympathetic and sympathetic responses in your nervous system, which work to lower your heart rate and blood pressure.

5. Keeps your body in motion

One of the best tools in your anti-aging arsenal is maintaining a wide range of motion. But as you age, the wear and tear on your body takes its toll, decreasing your ability to move about freely. I provide trigger point therapies that prevent your body from “freezing up” by relaxing the tension in your connective tissues.

6. Eases pain in the back

Approximately 80% of Americans experience some form of low back pain during their lives, and it’s the leading driver behind missed work days in the United States. At Pinnacle Health Chiropractic, I understand your low back’s burden and work to keep it functioning at its best through techniques such as:

7. Is kid-friendly

Because the care I provide is noninvasive, my treatments and therapies are especially beneficial to younger patients. Children’s bodies grow at a dizzying rate and problems can develop very quickly. My treatments are gentle and work with a child’s body to promote healthy growth, rather than using invasive or forceful techniques.

8. Works for headaches and migraines

Many people don’t realize chiropractic care works for head pain, but I’ve had great success in treating chronic tension headaches and migraines, providing long-awaited relief to my patients. Tension headaches largely originate in your neck and shoulders. Spinal adjustments relieve the tension naturally by increasing blood flow, releasing your connective tissue, and decreasing nerve irritation. I also tackle headaches from the inside out using nutritional counseling and physical therapy.

9. Lets you “just say no”

Chiropractic helps pain without meds. If you’ve watched the news, you’ve seen the alarming rate at which Americans are becoming addicted to pain medications, namely opioids. Chiropractic care for pain management is the best solution for avoiding the harmful impact these medications can have on your physical and mental well-being. By working with your body’s own natural resources, chiropractic care is effective for relieving chronic and acute pain.

Whether you’re looking for pain relief or preventive care, Pinnacle Health Chiropractic believes your most powerful resource comes from within. Tapping into your amazing biomechanical system can help you heal quickly and effectively, the way nature intended. Call my office to set up a consultation, or use the convenient online scheduling tool.

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