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Adjusting for Good Health: The Top 5 Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Without your joints, your body doesn’t move. And like a well-tuned car, your body moves best with parts balanced and aligned. It’s not just about your bones. Blood supply and nerve response work best when joints interact as they should.

This is where Dr. Jason Ablett at Pinnacle Health Chiropractic comes in, assuring peak efficiency by maintaining the body balance you need for natural function and pain relief. The benefits only start with the reduction of pain. Dr. Ablett can help you to optimize overall wellness through regular chiropractic care. 

The chiropractor’s role

Though chiropractors are often connected with healing back pain, they do so much more. Chiropractors focus on the proper alignment of all of your joints for maximum health and wellness, addressing problems in the structure of your body to improve its function.

They’re skilled in finding sources of stress and pain in your body and relieving that stress through physical means, without medications.

The top 5 benefits of chiropractic care

There’s no need to wait for pain to begin realizing the benefits of an appointment with Dr. Ablett.  Regular chiropractic care prevents conditions that cause pain and improves your overall health and wellness. Here are five ways your body benefits from regular adjustments.

Better mobility

Flexibility suffers without balance and alignment. Regular chiropractic care keeps all of your parts in correct alignment, preventing stress and pain. You can move with ease and efficiency in your day-to-day activities as well as in athletic pursuits.

Improved posture

Regular chiropractic appointments encourage better posture. You can stand straight with your shoulders and neck relaxed, maintaining your center of gravity over your back, hips, and knees. This improved alignment decreases stress on all joints while improving balance.

Efficient nerve communication

A trip to Dr. Ablett could boost the performance of your nervous system, including your brain, spinal cord, and nerves through your body. Any reduction of the spaces in your body through which your nerves pass could potentially irritate and inflame nerve tissue, causing pain and reducing your body’s ability to transmit effective nerve communication. 

Reduced joint strain

Arthritis is the most common type of joint degeneration, and chiropractic care can help prevent or treat arthritis by ensuring your musculoskeletal system works together to distribute weight loads between joints, bones, and muscle. When you’re out of alignment, joints could carry an extra burden, accelerating deterioration and increasing pain. 

Lower blood pressure

A study showed that certain chiropractic adjustments played a key role in reducing blood pressure. Participants in this study who had high blood pressure showed lower scores after chiropractic care without additional medication. Body alignment issues may affect blood flow in much the same way it influences nerve communication.

Chiropractic care supports your body’s ability to heal itself. While you may feel instant relief after an adjustment, long-term wellness is the core philosophy of Dr. Ablett’s care. See the results for yourself. Contact Pinnacle Health Chiropractic at 425-368-5753 or request an appointment through our online booking tool today.

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